RightsClick Wants to Simplify the Process of Protecting Copyrights

RightsClick is a new Washington DC-based copyright management suite designed by copyright experts and advocates who say they care about making the system work for independent creatives and professionals.

The recently established company is set to provide comprehensive copyright management including tools for portfolio management, registration of works, and a do-it-yourself (DIY) enforcement system for users to handle copyright infringements.

RightsClick says the software suite will continue to receive updates and additions, which aims to give users control over their creative works. This includes features like access to a network of attorneys, Infringement Assessment tools, an optional DIY licensing tool to authorize and track permissions of individual images quickly and easily, and even (coming soon) the ability to file copyright small claims directly from the service interface.

The founders of this new service say they have been defending the copyrights of creatives for decades and, as such, they are more than aware of how the system doesn’t work well for independent professionals. They have pooled all of their collective experience together to build an easy-to-navigate copyright management suite to help protect the assets of creatives at all levels.

Users of the system can create a “portfolio” of their work from the home screen of the service where they can then create Projects (which are akin to a folder) where they can add their work that is referred to as Titles. Once users have created all their relevant projects and added the appropriate Titles, a variety of tools are available to help submit the works for official copyright registration or they can use the system to run an Infringement Assessment to find where their works may have been used without permission.

From there the system will provide a list of enforcement actions that are available to them. Detailed information about the processes and associated fees can be found on the company’s FAQ page here.

According to the RightsClick website, the company is accepting early registrations for people interested in the app and the completed system should be available within a few week’s time. Interested parties can register with the link above and once the system goes live, the company will contact users “once the virtual doors are opened”.