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Robot ‘Spy Pig’ Camera Destroyed by Territorial Komodo Dragons


The BBC/PBS show “Spy in the Wild” continues to be a never-ending source of robot camera hijinks. This time, a ‘spy pig’ robot ended up on the wrong side of a some territorial male Komodo dragons who didn’t take kindly to its presence. The interaction didn’t end well for the pig…

This clip comes from Episode 3 of Spy in the Wild 2, which aired in May. The clip starts innocently enough, as the pig helps to film a fight between two males who are eager to mate with the same female. But once the fighting ends, with hormones still running hot, a few of the Komodo dragons take an interest in the the spy pig.

It doesn’t take long for them to start tearing the poor robot camera limb from limb:

Fortunately, the camera’s ordeal did provide some never-before-seen footage. “For the first time ever, a view inside a dragon’s mouth” says the narrator. “One laden with venom and toxic saliva, dosed with up to 50 types of toxic bacteria.”

The footage won’t win any wildlife filmmaking awards, but it’s a world’s first all the same:

To see the whole interaction for yourself, including this never-before-seen view inside a dragon’s mouth, check out the clip up top. And if you want to skip the battle-of-the-suitors and go straigh to the “incident” between the robot and the Komodo dragons, jump to the 1:40 mark.

(via Laughing Squid)