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Funny Short Film Follows a Camera Crane That’s Trying to ‘Reinvent’ Itself During the Pandemic


North Carolina-based filmmaker Jeff Hartman of Rapid Motion Camera has put together a funny, oddly touching little short film that stars… his automotive camera crane. It’s the story of how this expensive bit of technology is trying to ‘reinvent’ itself so it doesn’t get sold during these tough times.

Hartman posted the short film to his Facebook page and the Rapid Motion Instagram account, where it’s received hundreds of likes and shares from fellow camera nerds who appreciate the creativity (and boredom…) that went into creating this.

“This pandemic has been exceptionally challenging to the entertainment industry and its crews,” writes Hartman, “forcing some of us to reinvent our roles…”

Check out the full film below:

Who would have thought an anthropomorphized camera crane could bring joy to thousands of camera nerds the world over. Hopefully this brought a smile to your face, and helped you sympathize a little bit with that gear you’ve been looking to sell off.