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This ‘Cosmic’ Short Film is a Single Shot of a Tiny Chemical Reaction


Paris-based artist Roman Hill explores the microscopic world as a way to capture the immensity of the universe. His latest short film, titled As Above, looks like a mesmerizing display of cosmic gasses, stars, and galaxies, but it was shot on a tabletop.

The whole short film is a single continuous take showing a chemical reaction in a space smaller than a fingernail (0.3×0.3in or 8x8mm).

“Illustrating our universe’s never-ending dance of destruction and creation, in which life can emerge,” Hill writes. “The environment in which we live is at the constant mercy of the ever-changing flow of planets, stars, and galaxies… As well as the composition of the microscopic world.

“‘As Above’ is an invitation to contemplate the beauty of this perpetual movement of which we are part of… And perhaps invite the viewer to reflect on his position in the universe and the preciosity of life.”

Hill says the film is also about the delicate balance in nature that we see on both a tiny and grand scale.

“In the same ways, recent events have shown us that a microscopic virus could have a destructive impact on humanity,” Hill says. “A destructive impact counterweighted by a positive impact on our planet’s global ecosystem.”