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How to Build a DIY ‘Flare Ring’ for Creative Portrait Photography


Our friends at SLR Lounge have created a simple little DIY tutorial that can help you add some creative flare to your portraits… literally. In 2 minutes, photographer Pye Jirsa show you how to make what they call a “flare ring” using some simple crafts supplies.

All you need to do this yourself are some bracelet rings, gold bead necklaces, and fishing wire. You’ll use the wire to attach the necklace beads to the bracelets, and then hold the ring in front of your lens as you take pictures, preferably backlit so you get plenty of light hitting that ring. For bonus points, use a flash with a CTO gel to hit the ring with light directly. That’s how Jirsa captured most of the examples in the video.

Check out the full tutorial video up top to see this simple craft project in action, and head over to SLR Lounge to see more sample photos and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to built and use the “flare ring” most effectively.