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Video Shows the Moment a Woman Almost Fell Into the Grand Canyon While Taking a Photo


An onlooker at the Grand Canyon in Arizona captured the harrowing instant when a visitor almost fell into the canyon while taking a photo of her mom. The video of the incident has since gone viral: a perfect example of what not to do.

The footage shows 20-year-old Emily Koford backing up, trying to compose the perfect photo of her mom Erin, when she takes one step too many. The footage was captured by Kevin Fox, who saw the duo posing and started filming in order to show his kids “the stuff you don’t do.”

“They’re walking around and I think, this doesn’t look good,” Kevin Fox told ABC News last Friday. “As she starts walking backwards, I just gasp.”

Once the video went viral, ABC caught up with Koford and her mother as well, both of whom feel understandably lucky that this didn’t turn out much worse:

According to ABC’s report, there have been 64 total deaths at the park since it first opened, and while heat stroke and other causes are more common than falling off the edge, a spokesperson for the park told ABC that two to three people die each year from incidents just like this one.

Fortunately for Koford, she was able to catch herself on a rock, turning this story into a cautionary tale rather than a tragedy. Others before her have not been so lucky.

(via ABC News via Fstoppers)