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Photographer Reacts to Worst Photo Shoots in America’s Next Top Model History


Professional fashion and portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi recently put together a “photographer reacts” video that has a lot of promise: reacting to what the Internet has dubbed the worst photoshoots in America’s Next Top Model History.

For those lucky few who don’t know about ANTM, it is a long-running reality television show created by supermodel Tyra Banks. Each season, a group of aspiring models compete in a series of challenges in the hopes of becoming “America’s Next Top Model” and kickstarting their career in the industry.

The series has been airing since 2003, and needless to say, there is a lot of terrible photography fodder to be found if you really dig into the show’s history. After all, each photo shoot was about the models, not the photography per se.

Kobeissi takes her “job” in the video pretty seriously, critiquing the photos and posing, and trying her best to find some redeeming quality to each shot or provide some useful piece of advice.

A lot of the entertainment value winds up coming from just how dated some of the images look. Some of the shots are plenty bad from a technical standpoint—over-processed or badly processed or just plain “what the heck were you thinking!?”—but many just … didn’t age well.

Check out the full video above for a little dose of humor and horror this Thursday, and if you want to see more from Kobeissi, including tutorials and other inspirational content for aspiring photogs, be sure to check out her YouTube channel or give her a follow on Instagram.

(via SLR Lounge)