Rich Kids are Paying Thousands to Have Their Photos Featured on this Site

Back in 2008, an app called I Am Rich appeared on the iOS app store for $1,000. The now-infamous app did absolutely nothing—it was just a status symbol that proved you had money to burn. Now, a website and Instagram account called Golden Price Tag is following in I Am Rich’s footsteps, and rich kids are paying $1,000 and up for the “privilege” of having their photos featured.

The opulent website and Instagram account only cropped up a few days ago, and according to the site’s FAQ, the system is pretty simple:

Anyone can submit a photograph and caption, along with a payment of at least $1,000. If your photograph “holds up to our gold standard,” Golden Price Tag will slap their logo onto the photograph and upload it to their Instagram account. Once it’s live, you’ll be listed as one of the site’s “Gold” members, where people can see how much you paid to have your photo featured.

It’s like “Rich Kids of Instagram” meets the I Am Rich app, and it seems to be working:

If your photo is chosen and your payment is “accepted,” the photo goes live on the website and Instagram account. If it’s not—although we somehow doubt any photo and payment would ever be rejected—the site says you’ll “get your money back.”

The minimum payment is $1,000, and the maximum is $999,999. So far, four people have allegedly submitted photos and been accepted by the website—doling out a reported total of $7,500 in order to be featured—and the Instagram account already has over 3,500 followers.

I Am Rich didn’t last long on the iOS App Store: Apple removed it the day after it went live, but not before eight people purchased the app (one “accidentally”). We’re not sure if the same fate is in store for the Golden Price Tag Instagram account. As strange as this idea is, nobody is forcing these people to spend their money on being featured and we’re not sure the account is breaking any of Instagram’s Terms of Service.

As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.