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Why Ego is Crucial for Photographers, and How it Can Get in Our Way


Photographer Sean Tucker‘s latest video is a departure from the gear or technique videos that typically make the rounds in the photo world. In fact, it’s not even specifically about or for photographers. It’s for all artists, and it’s about the importance of understanding (and balancing) your ego.

The word “ego” has many negative connotations. It’s often used as a synonym for “arrogant” or “self-centered.” But Sean disagrees with this assertion. He posits that ego is, in fact, essential if we want to produce any kind of art. The trick is learning to balance your ego, using it as a positive driving force in your artistic life while preventing it from fooling you into believing you’re superior to your peers.

The 16-minute video describes this “ego dance”—a balancing act that Tucker believes is crucial if we are to become healthy, successful artists.

“If we can use the good parts of [the ego] to give us focus and remind us of who we are and what we have to say, all the while warding off that part of our ego that would like us to just chase fame and fortune,” explains Tucker. “I think it will make us healthy artists.”

Check out the full monologue up top for your dose of Monday inspiration, and then head over to Sean’s YouTube channel for more thoughtful videos like this one.