Photographer Captures Epic Bear Fight from Feet Away

Nature photographer and guide Tero Pylkkanen was camping out in a hide in Kuhmo, Finland, when two large brown bears decided to start brawling right in front of him. Pylkkanen managed to capture this 3-minute video of the “best bear fight ever.”

Pylkkanen says the first bear showed up about an hour after he started camping out. An hour after that, the second bear showed up in the area and the two bears started sizing each other up for a fight. Two hours later, and four hours after Pylkkanen started camping out, the brawl broke out.

“I was in the bear hide with my family and these two bear were following each other maybe a couple of hours, and then luckily they took action in front of our hide,” Pylkkanen tells PetaPixel.

So it took four hours of patient waiting — the name of the game when it comes to wildlife photography — but Pylkkanen walked away with remarkable bear fight footage that’s worthy of the silver screen.