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Seeing Bad Ads on PetaPixel? Here’s How You Can Help


We’ve been receiving an increased number of reports of bad ads such as redirects and popups ruining the PetaPixel reading experience on mobile. No, these ads aren’t intentionally being served, and we’d love to remove them, but we need your assistance. If you’re one of the many who has been seeing these ads, you can help us identify and block them if you have a few seconds to spare.

Here’s an online form you can use to report bad ads immediately after you see them (please bookmark it if you’d like to volunteer): https://petapixel.com/bad-ads/.

These ads are almost impossible to track down without individual reports from readers who experience them, but by submitting this form in the same browser right after finding a bad ad, you can help our advertising networks find and permanently remove them.

Many readers were instrumental in helping us block several recurring ads the last time a similar wave hit a while back. A huge thank you to everyone who helps us with this battle that’s plaguing large and small websites alike these days. It’s very much appreciated!