This Animation Took Several Months to Make with Google Earth Photos

“Epoch” is a new video by Ireland-based visual artist Kevin McGloughlin. It’s a mesmerizing animation that was created over several months entirely out of Google Earth satellite photos.

The movement and patterns seen in the video were created by aligning similar landscape features seen from space.

“Epoch is a visual representation of our connection to earth and it’s vulnerable glory,” McGloughlin writes. “Our time here is esoteric, limited and intangible. The fragility which exists in all aspects of life is one thing that is certain. We are brittle, and so is Mother Earth.”

If project reminds you of “Arena” by Páraic McGloughlin, there’s a good reason for that: Páraic is Kevin’s twin brother and the two had originally planned to create a single collaborative video. Schedules and various projects delayed the ability to work together for that project, but they hope to eventually create the film they had initially planned as well.

You can find more of Kevin’s work on his website, Vimeo, and Instagram.