Shoot This 52-Week Photo Challenge to Improve Your Skills in 2019

Just get a new camera for Christmas and/or looking for a New Year’s resolution to improve your photography skills in 2019? Here’s a 52-week photo challenge designed to get you motivated and to stretch your creativity.

The challenge below is the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge by photographer Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography. This popular challenge is in its four year, after successful runs in 2016, 2017, and 2018 that tens of thousands of photographers around the world participated in.

Each week, the challenge rotates through three categories: Storytelling (taking a prompt and turning it into a photo story), Compositional Eye (using rules of composition to train your eye), and Inspiration (using a simple inspiration as creatively as you can).

Here are the challenges for the 52 weeks of 2019:

If you’d like to download and/or print it out, here’s the challenge as a PDF:

Finally, if you’d like to do this challenge alongside photographers around the world, you can share your resulting photos with the community by hashtagging each week’s photos with #dogwood52, #dogwood2019, and #dogwoorkweek[number] (e.g. #dogwoodweek7 for week 7’s photo). There’s also an official Facebook group dedicated to the 2019 challenge.