This DSLR Costume is Fully Functional Camera

By day, Yohei Shimada is a Japanese commercial photographer. When Halloween rolls around, Shimada becomes Cameraaman, a human-sized, fully-functioning DSLR camera that roams the streets of Japan to photograph other costume-wearers.

Here’s a photo of Cameraaman by photographer Taichi Andoh:

Pressing the shutter button on the costume triggers an off-camera flash photo that’s instantly displayed on the camera’s LCD panel for the subjects to review. Seeing the camera costume in action causes a huge deal of excitement among passersby.

Here are clips of Cameraaman in action followed by the group photos that resulted:

By the end of the evening, Cameraaman has run out of battery power:

Shimada debuted the Cameraaman costume in 2015 and has been shooting on the streets every Halloween since. He posts his photos to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Image credits: Header photo by Yohei Shimada/@cameraaman