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10 Shortlisted Photos of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018


The prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year photo contest put on by Royal Observatory Greenwich has announced the shortlisted photos for the 2018 competition. It’s a set of space and astronomy photos that will dazzle your eyes.

4,200 photos were entered in this year’s contest from amateur and professional photographers from 91 countries around the world. Here’s a selection of the finalists:

The International Space Station (ISS) between two massive sunspots during its solar transit. Dani Caxete/National Maritime Museum
The Milky Way over a thunderstorm in Florida. Tianyuan Xiao/National Maritime Museum.
A weathered juniper tree in Montana’s northern Rocky Mountains stands in early winter, while the sky above is filled with star trails. Jake Mosher/National Maritime Museum
An 8-photo panorama of the Milky Way over the Dolomites in Tre Cime. Carlos F Turienzo/National Maritime Museum
Andromeda Galaxy shot using a 200mm mirror and creating a three panel mosaic. Péter Feltóti/National Maritime Museum
An aurora seen from Southern Bays near Christchurch, New Zealand. Paul Wilson/National Maritime Museum
The Milky Way rising over a lighthouse in Tasmania. James Stone/National Maritime Museum
A solar eclipse captured by layering 9 exposures ranging from 2s to 1/2000s for an HDR image. Peter Ward/National Maritime Museum
A man in front of the Milky Way at Badlands National Park. This is a 6-shot composite — 3 for the sky and 3 for the foreground. Jingpeng Liu/National Maritime Museum
The Milky Way over Cable Bay near Nelson, New Zealand. Mark Gee/National Maritime Museum

The winners of the contest’s 9 categories and 2 special prizes will be announced on Tuesday, October 23rd at a special awards ceremony at the National Maritime Museum. They will go on display at an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. The winners and shortlisted photos will also be available through the competition’s official book that will hit store shelves on October 24th.