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Conan O’Brien’s Take on the ‘Stuffed Anteater’ Photo Contest Scandal


Photographer Marcio Cabral‘s disqualification from the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo contest for allegedly using a stuffed anteater has been huge news around the world — so big, that it’s even made it onto a late night talk show. Here’s a new 1.5-minute clip in which Conan O’Brien pokes fun at the scandal.

“An award-winning wildlife photographer put a stuffed anteater in one of his compositions and now people are starting to question the authenticity of his other photos,” Team Coco writes.

Earlier this week, we shared a closer look at the photos at the center of the scandal to explore why many are questioning whether Cabral has actually been falsely accused. In our latest poll, of the nearly 5,000 people who have responded, about 86% believe that either Cabral is innocent or that it’s too difficult to reach a conclusion.

“I’m really very sad about all this media repercussion involving my name,” Cabral tells PetaPixel while shooting in New Zealand this week. “My reputation has been destroyed and all I want right now is to forget this history and this museum to be able to be in peace.”

Cabral has won a ridiculously long list of international photography awards starting from back in 1999, and he continues to maintain his innocence.