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Adobe’s New Lightroom Downloader Exports Your Cloud Photos


Lightroom CC, Adobe’s cloud-based photo-editing software, has until now lacked a way for you to quickly and easily export your photos from the cloud. That changes with the new Lightroom Downloader app.

Storing your high-resolution JPEGs and RAW files on Adobe’s servers is convenient, but the lack of a way to download them all at once can present a problem if you ever wish to leave the Adobe ecosystem. Adobe’s Lightroom Downloader that addresses this concern by making it easier for you to pack up and leave.

Your downloaded files will be structured in a date-based folder hierarchy with any edits to RAW files included in XMP files.

Should you ever decide to stop your Adobe subscription, you will have a year after your subscription’s expiration date to download your files before they are deleted. For users with a trial membership, that window of opportunity is reduced to 3 months after expiration.

Lightroom Downloader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website and requires an Adobe account with cloud storage to be used.

(via Adobe via Photofocus)