This Timelapse Was Made by Flying a Drone in Giant Circles

Need a dose of inspiration for your aerial drone imagery? This 3-minute film of drone footage from Hong Kong-based production company Visual Suspect will provide it. It was shot by fixing the drone’s camera on a landmark while the drone flies around it in giant orbits, and the result is mesmerizing.

The film is called Low Earth Orbit, which is also the name for the space up to 2,000km above the Earth’s surface. It’s in the higher areas of this zone that you’re most likely to find satellites orbiting the planet (and the International Space Station).

However, these closer-to-Earth orbits provide a more detailed experience, albeit over a smaller space.

“Orbital drone movements are the ones with power to convert two dimensional images into dancing focal layers escaping out of the frame,” say the creators. “We wanted to further explore the technique, with high altitude long orbits, along with ones very close to the ground, we call them ‘Orbital drone-lapses.'”

The shots were done using both automatic and manual flights over the Folegandros island in Greece.

(via Visual Suspect via Sploid)