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A Newborn Photo Shoot… With a 21-Year-Old Son


Rebecca Hayes and David Ward didn’t do a newborn photo shoot with their son Clayton when he was born, so this year they decided to make up for it… 21 years later.

HuffPo reports that the parents enlisted the help of photographer Duffi Crowson of Chaotic Perfection Photography, who shot portraits of the trio in generic group poses typically reserved for tiny babies rather than drinking-age adults.

When a child grows to be Clayton’s size, holding up not-so-tiny feet no longer makes for a cute photograph:

“We had discussed ahead of time what we could do to avoid giving off a ‘creepy’ vibe — which some people still got but that’s OK,” Hayes tells HuffPo. “I’m not gonna lie, there were discussions about making a huge basket and possibly the mention of a giant teddy bear. I’m the end we decided simple would be enough.”

You can find more of Crowson’s work on her website and Facebook.

(via HuffPo via Photoblog.hk)

Image credits: Photographs by Duffi Crowson/Chaotic Perfection Photography and used with permission