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White House Photog Pete Souza Looks Back at Iconic Photos


Pete Souza, the former Chief Official White House Photographer during the Obama administration, returned to Ohio University in March this year to present a selection of images from his time photographing the President. His images and commentary are in the 26-minute video above.

While visiting the university where he was originally an assistant professor before taking on the job at the White House, he sat down with colleague Marcia Nighswander (herself a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Professor of Visual Communications) to discuss several of his most poignant photos from his Spring “Pete Souza Exhibit“.

This coming November, Souza will also release a new book, titled Obama: An Intimate Portrait: The Historic Presidency in Photographs. It’ll be published by Little, Brown and Company, containing more than 300 of his photos taken throughout the 8-year administration he documented.

The video above offers an insightful look at how Souza’s thought process worked when training his lens on one of the most powerful people in the world at the time.