The ‘Self-Five Selfie’ is the Web’s Latest Photo Craze


The latest photo trend taking over your Twitter feed this week is also quickly rising to the top of the Internet’s “Reasons I Shattered My Smartphone Screen” list. It’s been dubbed the “hands-free…” or “self-five selfie,” and it’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

The momentary Internet “trend” was created, originally, by one Seth Schneider who posted the first high five selfie to Twitter and went absurdly viral. At last count, his original tweet from three days ago has received 173,086 retweets and 437,513 likes.

For Seth, at least, the risk of breaking his phone seems to have translated into 15 minutes of serious Internet fame:

Of course, not everybody has been so lucky, but plenty of people are trying. Since the photo went viral, reports of the new trend exploded across the Internet and copycats began popping up like daisies out of the snow.

A quick search on Twitter produces more than a few examples:

But there’s just one obvious problem here, captured beautifully by this Twitter user:

And experienced tragically by this one:

So if you want to join the latest photo “craze” sweeping the world, be our guest. Just don’t blame us (or Seth) if you wind up with a shattered phone screen and a blurry mess of a “selfie” that didn’t even turn out.

(via Gizmodo)