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This Company Wants to Revolutionize 100mm Filter Holders



A new brand called Wine Country Camera is teasing a revolutionary new Filter Holder System that will be released in the fall of 2016. It’s a new “timeless” design that rethinks how filter holders should look and work.

Here’s a 3.5-minute “top secret preview” video that offers a sneak peek at the upcoming product:

“All previous filter holder systems were sold by filter manufacturers as a ‘necessity’,” the company says. “The WCC holder is exquisitely designed.”

“The filter vaults create a light-tight seal for the ND, plus the vaults leave the filters in a resting state, meaning there is no image distortion,” it continues. “The internal polarizer is actuated by an elegant rotating knob.”


“The design is timeless and will make filter use a joy for everyone who uses it.”


If you’ve been disappointed with the performance of your 100mm filter holder, keep an eye on what Wine Country Camera is doing. The company’s website is launching in September, orders for the new filter will start around Photokina, and deliveries will begin before the holiday season rolls around.

Specs, features, and pricing will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

(via Wine Country Camera via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs and video by Wine Country Camera