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Astrophotographer Surprised by Huge ‘Fireball’ While Shooting Milky Way


What’s the biggest surprise you’ve gotten while you were out shooting? For astrophotographer Ian Norman, Wednesday night’s massive ‘fireball’ that streaked across the sky while he was out taking Milky Way pictures tops the list. (Warning: Strong language.)

The ‘fireball’ was actually the re-entry and spectacular burn-up of the Chinese CZ-7 R/B rocket. Of course, at the time, Ian had no idea what it was. He simply flipped his Sony a7S into video mode and started recording the blazing light streaking above the Sierra Nevadas. The footage he captured is pretty incredible… but just imagine being there while this happened.

The ‘incident’ happened in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California. Check out the video up top to see it for yourself and hear Ian tell the story.