This Must-See Timelapse Took Three Years and One Million Photos to Make


The Lion City II – Majulah is a photographic love letter to Singapore; actually, love novel might be more appropriate. A time-lapse overflowing with creative camera work brought together with brilliant editing, it’s not an understatement to say photographer Keith Loutit just raised the timelapse bar.

You probably recognize Loutit’s name from his incredibly creative tilt-shift timelapse work we’ve featured in the past, but Lion City II is totally different.

For one, it took 500 days of shooting over the course of three years to make. Returning to the same locations again and again, the film reveals Singapore as the living organism that it is—breathing in and out, building and demolishing, always evolving, never still.

Check it out for yourself, then keep on scrolling for more BTS details:

Loutit tells Bokeh that the timelapse was shot using two Nikon D4 cameras sporting old Nikon AIS and AI lenses that he modifies himself to better serve his purposes.

He also revealed that, of the almost 1 million images he captured for the project, only 25% were used in the final production and yet he still ended up going a minute and a half longer than originally planned. That should give you an idea of the sheer scale of the project; in all, Loutit captured and backed up some 10 terabytes of footage.

But enough words. If you haven’t already, click play on the video above to experience one of the most unique and powerfully shot timelapses we’ve seen in years. And then head over to Loutit’s website and Facebook page for more.