How to Deal with Internet Criticism as a Photographer

After sharing some of his work online recently, photographer Sean Tucker got a harsh taste of the hurtful words of online critics. Learning from the experience, Tucker just posted this 5.5-minute video on how you can deal with Internet criticism and not allow it to kill your creativity and passion.

“The main thing you need to remember about trolls is that they’re attracted to good work,” Tucker says. “Trolls are always attracted to crowds, and crowds online gather around good work.”

“So if you’re being attacked, you’re already doing something right.”

Tucker argues that trolls are simply other creatives who are struggling with their own work. Instead of bettering themselves and rising up to the level of their competition, they choose to become armchair critics who make themselves feel better about their own work by bringing others down.

“Creatively and constructively help others get better at what they do, even if they’re already ahead of you,” says Tucker. “That’s the mark of a mature artist.”

(via Sean Tucker via Digital Trends)