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Useful Tips for Combining Flash and Ambient Light



You may swear by natural light, but sometimes available light just doesn’t cooperate. So for those times when you’re faced with an overcast sky but need a sunset, or the ambient light is harsh and direct, these tips from photographer Adam Angelides will help you capture natural looking images by combining ambient light with flash.

For this particular day of shooting, Angelides has to deal with a few different lighting scenarios. He uses a couple of Profoto B1s to do everything from freeze the action, to creating a sunset glow, to adding a soft fill light.

Each of his resulting shots looks natural thanks to Angelides’ ability to seamlessly combine the natural light he’s using with the artificial light he’s creating. He also offers several tips that’ll help you do the same.

Check out the video for yourself below:

To see the final images in high res, read some additional tips, and find out exactly what gear Angelides was using, check out the article behind this video on the Profoto website here.