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A Documentary About the Origin and Career of Photo Tycoon Peter Lik


Photographer Peter Lik can be described as something of a photo tycoon. There’s the unverified claim of one of his photos selling for a record-shattering $6.5 million. He has also reportedly sold over 100,000 prints for a total of over $440 million.

If you’re wondering about how Lik’s career came about, check out this 12-minute documentary short film that the photographer himself just published.

Photographer Peter Lik
Photographer Peter Lik

We learn that Lik was born to Czech parents who fled from their difficult lives and journeyed to Australia in search of better ones. Lik fell in love with photography at the age of 8 after taking a picture of a spider web, but he didn’t have the money to pursue photography until he was 18 years old.

Lik's first photo was of a "spider web glistening with morning dew."
Lik’s first photo was of a “spider web glistening with morning dew.”

In 1984, Lik embarked on a journey through the United States, where he fell in love with the beauty of all 50 states. This led to his project and book Spirit of America.

Lik has since become an internationally recognized photographer, earning over 300 awards and honors, opening a studio in Las Vegas, and launching 13 galleries across the US.

(via Peter Lik via ISO 1200)