Photographers Give Iconic Hollywood Movie Shots an African Remake

"Breakfast at ONOMO's" by Antoine Tempé

[re-]Mixing Hollywood is a project by American photographer Antoine Tempé and Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop, who shot elaborate portraits inspired by famous American and European movies.

Many of the scenes are instantly recognizable, except they feature models from Dakar, Senegal, and Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where the photos were shot.

It’s a “cast featuring a representative sample of the cultural scenes in Dakar and Abidjan,” the photographers write.

The duo says that cinema has the power to transcend geographic, racial, and cultural barriers, and that major cities in Africa weren’t left out of the influence iconic movie scenes had on pop culture.

The photos were staged at hotels, as they represent “a crossroads in which cultures and origins from around the world co-exist and merge in a permanent cycle of reinventions and reinterpretations.”

“I wanted to imagine what these movies would look like if they were conceived and shot in Africa,” Diop tells CNN.

You may recognize the photo above as referencing “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” Here are some of the other images in the series:



“Thelma & Louise”

"Thelma & Louise" by Antoine Tempé




"Psycho", 2013.

“The Matrix”


“Blow Up”

"Blow Up" by Antoine Tempé

“American Beauty”


“Basic Instinct”


“The Shining”


“Pulp Fiction”


“Tomb Raider”


You can find more photos from this project here. You can also check out Diop and Tempé’s portfolios here and here, respectively.

Image credits: Photographs by Omar Victor Diop and Antoine Tempé and used with permission