Here’s a 14K Gold Canon 5D Mark III Pendant with 34 Diamonds


Check this out: what you see above is a highly-detailed Canon 5D Mark III DSLR pendant crafted out of 14K gold. On the front is a 24mm Canon L series lens with a bezel featuring 34 hand-set diamonds.

It was made by Jay Her and Ben Baller of IF & Co., a family-owned custom jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, for a photographer named Jay, the owner of 1st Impression Studio.

“Jay reached out to us to design and create something that has to do with his biggest passion: photography,” jeweler Jay Her tells PetaPixel. “I learned his weapon of choice was always the Canon 5D Mark III. I also noticed he was absolutely in love with his 24mm Canon L-series lens.”

“He approached us with a spending budget of $7,500 to work with and this is the initial wax mold I had my team handcraft for him:”




Here’s finished pendant made using the above mold:


The pendant weighs 65 grams and contains just under 1.2 carats of VS grade diamonds. The entire piece weighs over 100 grams when the chain is factored in.


“Jay loves his new camera pendant,” Her says.

Image credits: Photographs by IF & Co. and used with permission