Idiot Box: Portraits of Kids with Eyes Glued to a TV


In any given week, the average US child will watch more than a day’s worth of TV. This subject is the focus of a new photo series by photographer Donna Stevens called Idiot Box. It’s a set of portraits showing blank expressions on kids faces as they watch television in a dimly-lit room.

“TV is just one of the ever present Black Mirrors through which we negotiate our lives today,” the Australian photographer tells PetaPixel. “Idiot Box hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology.”

“Should we exhibit more caution about the role of technology in our children’s lives? Is our techno-paranoia warranted? No matter what gadgetry we may possess and blame for our undoing, do our problems still just remain human?”

Regardless of what the answers are, it’s clear that these kids are completely lost in a different world while their portraits are being captured.






You can find more of Stevens work over on her website.

(via Donna Stevens via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Donna Stevens and used with permission