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How to Take a Photo Showing Both of Your Hands



How do you go about shooting a quick photograph if you need to include both of your hands in the frame? One guy had a solution that turned into a classic sequence of photographs.

This happened four years ago after someone on Reddit asked people to share photos of their tattoos. A user named Saend decided to share the body art on his wrists.

“Please don’t ask me how I managed to take this picture…” said Saend.


“I want a picture of you managing to take that picture,” someone replied.

“Here you go my good sir,” said Saend.


This only sparked more mystery.

“Wait a minute… if your camera is in the picture of you taking the picture, HOW DID YOU TAKE THE PICTURE OF YOU TAKING THE PICTURE? I demand answers and/or declare it witchcraft,” someone wrote.

“Challenge accepted!” said Saend.


“Use a mirror too so we can see that camera and end the chain,” was the reply.

“Great idea!” said Saend.


And that is how you take a picture of yourself taking a picture of yourself taking a picture of yourself taking a picture of your hands.

Image credits: Photographs by Saend and used with permission