LinkedIn Acquires Lynda for $1.5 Billion, Now Owns 500+ Photo Courses and 24,000+ Videos


LinkedIn announced today that it has shelled out $1.5 billion to acquire Lynda, the popular online education site that is teeming with material for photographers. As part of the acquisition, LinkedIn is now the new owners of, among many other things, 500+ photography courses and 24,000+ photography tutorial videos.

“I believe we can make it even easier for professionals around the world to accelerate their careers and realize their potential through the learning and development of new skills,” writes Ryan Roslansky, the head of content products at LinkedIn.

“We are thrilled to be part of something bigger than ourselves,” writes Lynda founder Lynda Weinman, “[We] look forward to helping more people learn the skills that are needed in today‚Äôs rapidly changing economic landscape.”

Part of that changing economic landscape includes growing competition from companies such as CreativeLive, which photographer Chase Jarvis co-founded back in 2010.

A screenshot of Lynda's Photography training section.
A screenshot of Lynda’s Photography training section.

You can find Lynda’s photography training resources here. Each of the online photography courses includes free videos.