KidPost Helps Parents Send Out Daily Digests of Kid Photos with a Simple Hashtag


Although things like RSS feeds and social networks have become primary channels for broadcasting and consuming content these days, some people still enjoy good old fashioned email newsletters. If that describes people in your life whom you’d like to share your latest kid photos with, KidPost is a service that wants to help.

It’s an easy way to send out daily newsletters containing the latest photos of your kids without the hassle of maintaining the newsletter itself. All you need to do is share through social networks and include a simple hashtag.


“Grandparents not on Instagram? Got a sibling who’s too cool for Facebook?” the service asks, “Now it’s easy for everyone to keep up with your kid photos!”

After signing up and making KidPost aware of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, with more services coming soon), you simply tag photo uploads with #kidpost to have them sent out in the next daily newsletter.


On your end, you also maintain a subscriber list of up to 100 people you’d like to send the emails to. Currently the only feedback your subscribers will be able to give you, aside from sending a reply email, is a “thumbs up” notification button at the bottom of each email.

Here’s a look at what a daily kid photo email will look like for your subscribers:


KidPost offers all parents a free 30-day trial to start out. The regular cost of the service is $3 per month or $30 for a year if paid all at once.

(via Coudal)