Photographers Ignite: 5-Minute Presentations in 20 Rapid-Fire Slides


An ignite is a type of event in which presenters are given 5 minutes to talk about a subject in just 20 slides. Each slide is shown for only 15 seconds before the slideshow is automatically advanced. It’s a rapid fire of learning and inspiration that has the motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick!”

In 2010, photographer Kevin Kubota launched a Photographers Ignite event at WPPI, and the show has since become a staple of the expo.

The photoignite channel on YouTube now has over 100 short videos by photographers and industry leaders who have done Ignite presentations, both at WPPI and at other venues where it has been hosted.

Here are 10 previous presentations to inspire you and give you a taste of what the format is like:

Jeremy Cowart: “Contrast: What’s Really Important”

Jasmine Star: “Personal Growth”

Jared Platt: “The Law of Diminishing Returns”

Bambi Cantrell: “Focus on the Fabulous: Five Ways to Keep Your Photography on the Cutting Edge”

Kirsten Lewis: “I’m 33, Single and a Wedding Photographer. Can I Borrow that Noose?”

Lindsay Adler: “Shooting in Sh*tty Light: Conquering the Top Ten Most Challenging Lighting Situations”

Benjamin Wong: “From 9 to 5 to Being Alive”

Tracey Taylor/Dee Green: “Creating a Niche Market in a Very Foreign Land”

Gene Ho: “These Crappy Photos Have Made Me Famous”

Sue Bryce: “Men Vs. Women”

Melissa Niu: “The Creativity of a Child”

Check out the YouTube channel to see more of these short presentations. You can also visit the Photographers Ignite website to see when and where its upcoming ignite events will be held.

(H/T Resource Magazine)