GuruShots is a Sleek Online Photo Contest with Real-Time Challenges


GuruShots is a newly launched service that turns photography into a game with a real-time online photo competition system. Photographers compete against one another to win contests, increase in level, and earn valuable prizes.


The investor-backed startup offers a sleek website that lets you interact with contests live. Users can submit photos, vote on images, comment on other photographers’ work, and track their ranking progress.


Photos submitted to contests are voted on by the community and by the award-winning photographers — called “Gurus” — who host the challenges. These photographers also provide mentorship to photographers in the course of the competitions.


GuruShots says it uses special proprietary algorithms to make sure each submitted photo gains equal exposure regardless of when it was submitted during the challenge, giving each entrant an equal opportunity to win through “statistical-based objectivity.”


“Today, just about everyone with a smartphone or access to a DSLR coins themselves a photographer,” says Gilon Miller, the founder and CEO of GuruShots. “We have created a new and innovative online sphere for photographers that actually offers meaningful recognition in a fun, social and educational way.”

GuruShots has raised two rounds of funding so far and already logs more than 300,000 visits per month from visitors who spent an average of 10 minutes on the site per visit.