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Taking Artsy Photos is 7th in List of Sexiest Creative Behaviors, Scientists Find



Taking artistic photographs is one of the sexiest forms of creativity — at least that’s what scientists are reporting. The activity ranked 7th on a list of most desirable qualities in a partner according to a new research paper that was published recently.

Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman of the University of Pennsylvania carried out the study with a number of colleagues by creating a “Creative Behavior Mating Preferences Checklist” that featured 43 popular creative behaviors — things like playing sports, performing in plays, writing poetry, and designing websites.


815 subjects (119 males and 696 females) were asked to rank those 43 activities according to how much they find them “sexually attractive in a mate.” The survey used a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (sexually unattractive) to 5 (sexually attractive).

“The taking of artistic photographs” was chosen by participants as the 7th sexiest creative behavior, behind playing sports, taking a date on a spontaneous road trip, recording music, making a clever remark, writing music, and performing in a band (#1 through #6, respectively).

The study also suggests that, on average, women consider artsy photography to be a sexier activity than men do. Men consider it to be on par with dancing and painting, while women consider it to be on par with dressing fashionably and performing in comedy.

You can dive deeper into the findings by reading the paper for yourself. It’s titled “Who Finds Bill Gates Sexy? Creative Mate Preferences as Function of Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Creative Achievement.”

(via Scientific American via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Header photo by ralphbijker, “Legged Photographer” by Antoine K, and “Fellow Photog.” by afunkydamsel