Did You Know You Can Easily Check Children for Eye Cancer Using Flash Photography?


A new ad campaign in the UK is using interactive posters to inform parents that they can easily check their child for eye cancer using flash photography.

Designed for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, each poster features a real child who survived retinoblastoma, an aggressive cancer that mainly affects young kids due to the fact that it develops from immature, light-detecting cells in the developing eye.


Parents are invited to snap a photo of the posters with flash enabled on their camera. The resulting photo shows one of the symptoms of retinoblastoma: a bright white pupil instead of “red eye”:


Basically, a parent should check for red-eye (so turn red-eye removal/reduction features off), a natural phenomenon found in flash photographs. If the red glow is missing in only one eye or if the glow is white, that could be an indication of retinoblastoma.

Thus, using your camera to check your child could help save their eye, or even their life.

(via Co.Create)