Video: Successful Photographers Reveal Their Biggest Fears and Offer Advice

Elizabeth Gilbert — the author best known for her bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Loveonce wrote that fear and creativity are conjoined twins. In other words, you don’t get one without the other. If you kill fear, you kill creativity.

And while we might think that the most talented of photographers, the ones who have very decidedly ‘made it,’ no longer experience the fear that comes with starting a new project or taking a big risk, we’d be wrong.


In the sort video above by Stand Out!, seven successful photographers were asked what they feared most and how they overcame it. From John Schell, to Pratik Naik, to Tim Kemple, each of them has fears, advice and encouragement to share with the rest of us about fear, hard work, and what it takes to really be successful in this industry.