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Photographer Turns Dancers Into Living Sculptures in Urban Landscapes


08 Courtney_04_141

UK-based photographer Bertil Nilsson‘s project “Intersections” is a blend of two photographic subjects: urban landscapes and dance.

Nilsson first sought out city spaces that have interesting architectural features. “There are lines, shapes, and textures to be uncovered with a camera,” he says.

Once these spaces were located, Nilsson thought about how he could “repurpose them” by introducing the movement of a human figure. He collaborates with circus artists and dancers, so he had plenty of models to work with.

His goal was to feature each dancer as a “living sculpture” of soft and fluid forms in a cold urban environment full of hard and sharp features.

01 MJ_01_562

02 Kevin_05_066

03 JennySara_01_025

04 Yui_01_861

05 LouisBeren_118

06 Charlie_02_021

07 BenH_02_541

09 Paul_01_217

10 JennySara_03_016

11 Kevin_04_191

12 RenaldoNaomi_02_111

You can find the rest of the photographs from this series over on Nilsson’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Bertil Nilsson and used with permission