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Lens Comparison Shows Off a Big Advantage of Micro Four Thirds: No Future Back Surgery



The three lenses above let you see equally far, but one of them will fit comfortably into your bag while the others probably wouldn’t fit comfortably anywhere. Can you guess which are which? Go ahead… think it over… we’ll wait…

Obviously we’re joking, but the lens comparison photo above does put one thing into almost comical perspective: one of the major advantages to using an MFT cameras is the fact just the sheer size difference.

The lenses compared are the Canon 600mm f/4L, Nikkor 600mm f/4G, and Olympus 300mm f/4. Once you take the crop factor into account, all of them offer the same focal length at the same aperture. And yet the Olympus looks like David standing next to Goliath and his buddy (we’ll call her Bertha).


Of course, there are other differences here, so the comparison isn’t an “all things equal” sort of thing. The FF sensor will offer a shallower depth of field and the benefits of more sensor area are well-documented and much debated.

We just found the comparison, if nothing else, fun. If you want to carry around 600mm worth of focal length at an f/4.0 aperture, which would you rather try to fit in your camera bag?

(via 43 Rumors)

Image credits: Photograph by Steve, courtesy of 43 Rumors.