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Capturing Every Moment of Our Lives is Changing the Way We Experience Reality


Television personality Jason Silva recently put together a poignant video with Shots of Awe that examines The Instagram Generation, and how this photo-driven generation sees their future as a series of ‘anticipated memories’.

The two-and-a-half minute video is an introspective and thoughtful look at how the iconic photo-sharing app Instagram — and on a deeper level photography as a ubiquitous pursuit — has shaped the way we experience and interact with our world.

No longer are we living in a single reality. We’re both experiencing the present moment, and orchestrating how it will be remembered later by capturing it and filtering it and captioning it a certain way.


In the video, Silva references a viral article, a TED Talk and a short documentary titled The Instagram Generation. He mentions various quotes from the respective sources and shares an interesting explanation of the effect that ‘capturing the moments’ of our lives — every single moment without fail — can have on us.

“I think ultimately humans ‘capture’ moments to hold mirrors up to ourselves, to understand ourselves in context, to affirm that we exist,” he told the Huffington Post. “Mortality looms over our ecstasies, transience haunts our dreams … and so we document, we anchor our lives through vintage photo filtering, we stake our claim: that we are here and we exist.”

(via Huffington Post)