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Photos of People Flying Out of Water Slides Capture the Fun and Excitement of Summer



Mother, clinical social worker, and now photographer Krista Long recently created a wonderful little photo series. It’s simply titled I Love Summer, and it it she captures the excited expressions and twisted postures of people as they zoom out of a waterslide and float in mid air on their way to the soft water landing below.

The series started out as a simple fascination: while with her children at the local pool, Long found she was incredibly amused by watching people make their exit from the nearby waterslide. The funny faces and awkward body positions made each rider more entertaining than the last, giving her a seemingly unending stream of not-so-dry humor.


Delighted at the amusing spectacle, the photographer in her quickly realized just how wonderful of a subject these moments would make for a photo series, and after an admittedly healthy dose of trial and error, Long began snapping up frame after frame at the pool, capturing her soaked subjects in flight.

“I love how people’s emotion right before they splash down is either total excitement or fear or cringing,” she tells TIME Magazine. “I just really wanted to capture that moment.”

It seems she succeeded. And in capturing that moment again and again, she ended up with is a wonderful tribute to summer that will probably put a smile on your face and a trip to the local waterpark on your todo list:










If you would like to keep up with Long’s work and see the rest of the I Love Summer series, be sure to visit her Flickr and give her a follow.

Image credits: Photographs by Krista Long and used with permission