DIY: Upcycle an Old Book Into a Neat Photo Album in a Few Easy Steps


Much as it pains me to encourage anyone to destroy a book, if you have a second copy of something or an old book you know you’ll never flip through again, this neat little Photo Album DIY from Photojojo is worth putting on your crafts to-do list.

The basic idea is to ‘upcycle’ the book into a photo album by cutting out windows in select pages, taping those pages to the next page on three sides using double-sided tape, and then sliding your prints of choice into the newly-created slots.


And if you want to take the idea further, or make it more child friendly, Photojojo suggests taking a children’s book, cutting out pieces like windows or doors, and inserting pictures there.

The main DIY will get you an interesting book/photo album that would look great on a coffee table while the second idea makes for an imaginative way to insert yourself or your children into their favorite storybooks.


For a full step-by-step breakdown of this crafts project with pictures and a detailed list of supplies, head over to the original tutorial by following the link below.

How To Upcycle Any Book Into A Photo Album [Photojojo]