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Hitchcock Zoom and Slit Scan Photography Combined Make for a Psychedelic Effect

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French photographer Micaël Reynaud first made it onto the blog in May of 2012 when he created a trippy-but-cool example of what the dolly zoom (also known as the Hitchcock zoom) looked like when stretched to its extremes.

Using a cement block at a local beach and lenses that ranged in focal length from 24mm to 840mm, that GIF attracted a lot of attention. Now he’s back at it, and this time he’s mixing dolly zoom with slit scan photography to create what he calls “a kind of time-space distortion on a static picture.”

Whatever it is, it yet again takes the cool and trippy cake. Check out the GIF below, click here to see his 2012 example of the standard dolly zoom and then drop us a line in the comments to let us know what you think.


Reynaud also created a video of this effect, if you want to see it sped up and slowed down (and you have a strong enough stomach not to get motion sick just watching it). You can check that out here.

Image credits: GIF by Micaël Reynaud and used with permission

1 Comment