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Video Tries to Explain Film Photography to Modern Kids


It’s difficult to fathom, but there is massive segment of the population who remember nothing of film photography. The idea of not having your images instantly available for review and deletion, or having to go to a shop to have a roll of film developed, is as foreign as the floppy disk and the VHS.

BuzzFeed is trying to remedy this somewhat in the video above, which they have dubbed “Film Photography Explained to Modern Kids.”

The first commercially produced digital cameras arrived on the scene in 1990. And though it took a few years before a digital camera became a household item, it’s increasingly likely that many 18 year olds (you know, ‘adults’) have never laid a hand on a roll of film. At best, they’ve maybe used a disposable camera.


Of course, the video isn’t outrageously informative. The point is to introduce some of these modern kids to the concept of film in a funny way that will appeal to both those in the know and those outside of it.

“It used to be you could only take as many photos as you had room on this film stuff,” quips the narrator. “It was this dark, plastic-y tape that came in these black little tubes, and you couldn’t expose it to light… like Gizmo.”

It’s a satiric explanation of this strange and no-so-distant past of film photography that takes aim at everything from the idea that you couldn’t take a million photos of your lunch to how sharing a photo actually meant… you know… putting a print in your friend’s hand.

(via SLR Lounge)

Image credit: Nikon FM by AndysRollei