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JPG Mag Co-Founder Launches Weekly Email of Amazing Photography



Heather Champ is a well-known personality in the online photo community. For almost 5 years she served as Director of Community at Flickr, after which she co-founded JPG Magazine with her husband Derek Powazek. Now she’s embarked on her next adventure: a weekly email newsletter dubbed “Favorites.”

Speaking with us over email (appropriately enough), Champ told us that her goal with Favorites was to create “a moment of calm that features great photography each week.”

“The world on online photography is a fairly cacophonous place,” says Champ. “We all share our photos in so many places and with a speed that ensures we’re likely to miss something.” Favorites aims to fix this problem by curating a set of subscriber-submitted photos and sending them out to the community at large once per week.


For Champ, this is the perfect project. While she loves taking photos, she readily admits that she prefers curating — it’s what she loved most about working on JPG Magazine and Flickr. Favorites allows her to put those curating skills to work yet again.

Subscribers get the chance to submit one photo per week, photos that Champ says should have given you the “‘wow, I created this’ feeling” when you took them. If your photo is selected, it will appear in the next week’s edition of Favorites, alongside your name, a description and a link to your website.

The first newsletter went out last Sunday, and before it had even made its debut, Favorites already had 245 people subscribed and waiting. Here’s a taste of what that first email was like:


To subscribe (and possibly begin submitting) yourself, head over to Champ’s Favorites webpage by clicking here.