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How to Open Up and Clean Your iPhone 5 Camera


Although cracking open your smartphone and possibly voiding the warranty is never a pleasant task, sometimes it’s necessary. For example, YouTube handyman JerryRigEverything‘s friend recently dropped his iPhone 5 and started getting some serious dust buildup on his front and rear cameras.

In the above video, Jerry shows you how he opens up his friend’s iPhone and performs a quick cleaning job on both cameras to get them shooting good as new. (Note: If you choose to try this at home, you do so at your own risk)

The process itself seems pretty straight forward. It’s broken down into four parts: Removing the screen, cleaning the back camera, cleaning the front camera, and replacing the screen. In all it takes Jerry just over 7 minutes from start to finish given the right tools.

And speaking of tools, he suggests you use this little $17 smartphone repair toolkit and a can of compressed air.


Once you have your tools in hand, watch the video above to see how to remove the screen and expose each camera for a quick compressed air cleaning. Keep in mind, the front camera (pictured above) is a bit harder to get to, so be sure to watch closely so you don’t end up with an opened up smartphone and no idea how to put everything back together again.

Like we said at the top, it’s not something you ever want to do, but if you find you need to clean the camera in your iPhone 5, a solid walkthrough video should go a long way in helping you do so without undue sweating and fear.

(via Gizmodo)