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Powerful Photos That Capture the Single Best Moment in People’s Lives



In early July 2013, Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch posed an interesting question to his tens of thousands of followers on Twitter: “How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life?” The photographs that people shared in response were powerful and emotional.


Here are some of the beautiful moments that emerged:

#1: Tears of Joy in a New Father’s Eyes

#2: Child Meets Adopted Sibling for First Time

#3: Graduating College with Brain Cancer

#4: A Baby Son’s First Smile

#5: The First Glimpse of a Sibling

#6: A Wife Wakes Up from Transplant Surgery

#7: A Last Moment with Grandma

#8: A Whiteboard Proposal at School

#9: Giving Life to a Premature Daughter

#10: Seeing a Son Skate

#11: She Would Become His Wife

#12: A Groom and His Flower Girl Daughter

#13: Four Generations in One Photo

#14: Boy Connects with a New Kitten

#15: One Last Story Time with Grandpa

#16: Holding a Child for the First Time

#17: Super Bowl with Dad

#18: News of Victory Over Cancer

#19: Coming Home from War

#20: 66 Years of True Love

#21: First Trip to School Together

#22: When Hard Work Pays Off

#23: Baking Cookies with Mom

#24: You’re Safe Again in My Arms

Photography is a powerful thing.

(via Co.Create and Mashable and theCHIVE)

Image credit: Pure Joy by PhotoDu.de / CreativeDomainPhotography.com