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Photography Website Service liveBooks Acquired by WeddingWire



Yesterday we shared some news coming out of photographer Vincent LaForet’s camp that the website service liveBooks — which is used by many photographers — was quite possibly on its way out. This after a month of silence and “knowledgeable sources” indicating that the US branch of the business was all but shut down.

A few hours after that news broke, however, we found out what was really happening: liveBooks has been acquired by the online event marketplace WeddingWire.

In addition to dropping several apologies to liveBooks customers for the past month’s “transition period,” CEO Andy Patrick wants to make this clear that this is a good thing.

“We are thrilled to announce that liveBooks has been acquired by WeddingWire,” says Patrick in the press release. “They are … passionate about being great stewards of the liveBooks brand, and focused on maintaining our leadership role in all aspects of the photography and creative professional industry.”


At this point, liveBooks customer service — which, according to LaForet, has been nearly impossible to get ahold of for the last 30 days — is back up and running, ready to answer any questions you might have regarding the brand and its services from this point forward.

As far as what this means for liveBooks customers, the change shouldn’t have much of an effect yet beyond another transition period (which the company is promising to make “as seamless as possible”). But once the integration is complete, clients can expect more in way of exciting innovations.

“We’re excited to partner with the WeddingWire team to continue to serve the liveBooks community,” says Patrick. “The acquisition means more resources will be available for product innovation and we will be sharing the details of these developments in the coming months.”

Details of the deal have not been disclosed.

(via Vincent LaForet)