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Brolly Umbrella Has Finger Hole Grip Lets You Shoot in the Rain



If you’re the type of person who prefers umbrellas to rain ponchos, you might prefer the Brolly rain umbrella to rain covers when using your camera in wet weather. It features a special finger hole grip handle that frees up the fingers that would otherwise be clutching the umbrella, allowing you to use your cameras more naturally without getting wet.

The Brolly isn’t designed specifically for photographers. It’s actually an invention that’s geared toward letting you use your smartphone in the rain. However, Brolly founder Greg Edson got in touch with us to tell us that his invention “makes taking pictures in the rain a breeze.”



The unique grip on the umbrella has an ergonomic design and is lined with a rubbery material that helps you get a grip with only the base of your fingers. The tips of your fingers can be used to hold and operate most cameras, including DSLRs, steadily while outdoors.

You can pick up your own Brolly umbrella (in green or in blue) for $20 over in the company’s online store.